Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is a learning approach in which you explore through gentle repetitions and guided pauses your varying movement patterns and the sensory, mental and emotional processes associated with them.


It can be used effectively in approaching physical pains, psychosomatic or emotional problems, existing life-long limitations or the desire to improve an existing ability. The method understands movement as a core element of action. It places trust in your ability of self-awareness and individual learning.


The method offers careful and empathetic support, whilst giving specific advice and allowing room for mistakes. It creates a space for expanding your own movement practices and behaviours, for overcoming strains and making decision-making easier.


The method is named after it’s founder, Moshé Feldenkrais. It is taught in both group classes (Awareness through Movement) and in individual sessions (Functional Integration).

Awareness through Movement

In group classes you perform movements following my verbal instructions. During lessons many movements are made lying down, however there are also lessons that take place whilst sitting, kneeling or standing. Group classes offer a safe space for gentle movement work , in which you feel empowered to find your own solutions without comparing yourself to others. Even when this means sitting out of a sequence. The lessons are taken in comfortable every-day clothing.

Functional Integration

In individual sessions I communicate with you through a hands-on process using gentle movements. One-to-one sessions are also mostly performed whilst lying down but other positions are also possible. The sessions are tailored specifically according to your needs and wishes. Each session focuses on your well-being and individual possibilities, every movement is a suggestion that can be accepted or rejected. The sessions are mostly performed on a table, also wearing comfortable clothing.